Harcourts has always enjoyed a strong foundation of being the market leaders in Real estate since it was originally formed in 1888. We understood from the outset, that the people working in our business were considered the best asset. Hence, we have always placed a high level of importance on employment/recruitment, developing systems and processes, creating the best software, and ensuring we have a world class training and personal development program to ensure our staff are reaching their full potential.

Everyone’s always talking about workplace culture, but we feel we have that one nailed. With more than 2500 sales consultants across New Zealand specialising in all aspects of realestate, we come together to celebrate success on a regular basis and network together ensuring we can always find the best solution for our customers and clients. With a large corporate team based in Auckland focused on development of marketing, software updates, legislation and training, we know we always access to the best tools to get the job done right the first time.

Not all off our staff are sales consultants, we also have numerous admin roles in our business including Customer service, Contracts managers, Graphic designers, Accounts, and Personal assistants to our sales staff. We also operate a Property management division that looks after our Landlords investments.

If you’re looking for a change and you think working in the Real estate industry is right for you, then please contact us and we’ll arrange a suitable time to sit down with you to discuss what might just suit. Harcourts, your first choice in Real estate!!!!

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