John Hodge


Phone: +64 27 223 3125
Mobile: +64 7 828 8426
Email: [email protected]

John has been a shareholder, along with his wife Dallas, of Riverlands Real Estate since April 2008, though he was not working within the business at that time. With Dallas and Johns purchase of the remaining shareholding in April 2012, John moved to Harcourts to take a more active part in the business.

John’s career till then, as a Police officer with the New Zealand Police, spanned 24 years and required him to deal with people from many and varied walks of life, often in demanding situations. Initially working in Auckland as a Patrol Car Constable, John progressed to working as an investigative officer, then a plain clothes investigative officer, to being a forensic officer attending crime scenes first across Auckland then more latterly the
Waikato. John was one of the NZ Polices most experienced crime scene examiners, and his professionalism and attention to detail transposes well to his role at Harcourts as photographer.

Should you be listing your property for sale with Harcourts Riverlands, it will in most cases be John who will visit your home to take the photographs to showcase your property to the world.